NEW range of compression machines, revolutionizing construction materials testing


Automatisk betongpresse


AUTOMAX PRO is CONTROLS’ new top-of-the-range Compact-Line compression machine and is the first choice for automatic standard failure tests and advanced concrete mechanical properties assessment.

The new cutting-edge connective technologies allowing you to manage all test data online, automatically with no risk of transposing errors is a major development. Boasting an all new specification, it is a step change from its predecessors.





WIZARD AUTO is CONTROLS new standard automatic Quality Control machine for compression and flexural testing and includes many new features and enhancements to improve the user-friendliness, efficiency, operator comfort and energy savings.

QC testing performance has just taken a step change improvement with CONTROLS abandoning manual test control and now features automatic closed-loop PID control of loading-rate using VFD inverter-technology control of the high specification AC motor.

Wizard Auto automatically and accurately performs tests at the correct test speed, ensuring compliance to Standards and with no effect due to operator variables.

Mainly dedicated to routine failure tests (compression, flexure and indirect tensile), WIZARD AUTO is the perfect solution to ensure total certainty of testing accuracy and strict conformity to international Standards.


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