Fluxana - Electrical fusion machine

Fluxana - Electrical fusion machine

fully automatic electrical fusion machine for 1-6 samples, sample holder, protective housing


German utility patent, international patent pending

- Fully automatic cold to cold operation for 2, 4 or 6 samples
- Semi automatic cold to cold operation for 1 sample
- Sample agitation by rotation with up to 250 rpm
Full microprozessor control
- Applications with variable temperature setting possible
- Highest precision  for all kind of materials, only 1 sample fused per time
- Storage of 10 different application programs
- Works with pure Lithiumtetraborate or mixtures of Lithiumtetraborate and Lithiummetaborate
- No non wetting agent necessary
- Compatible with VULCAN gas fusion machine (no new calibration necessary)
- Watch your sample during prefusion (important for method development)

The fusion technology is used to prepare samples to be analyzed with an X-ray fluorescence machine. It is also used to improve precision over pressed powder technology.

Using your electrical fusion machine in combination with the extractor hood will ensure that every bead is produced under the same constant conditions!

FLUXANA offers ready to go application packages including all calibration samples. Please register for more information.




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